Modern Wing

Wing it! This colorful twist on the classic
winged liner look is a cinch to execute.

The key to creating a perfect wing is to use your lower lashline as a
guide. Imagine a line that extends out past your lower inner rim up
toward your brow, and follow it as you flick the wing out and up.

Step 1

Apply one coat of mascara to define
lashes. Dust a shimmery, neutral
shadow all over lids, from lashline
to brow.

Step 2

Trace the length of the upper lashline
with a pencil liner as a guide for where
you want the gel eyeliner to go. Add
the gel liner on top, and extend it into
a wing at the outer corner.

Step 3

Use an eye liner brush to layer a
vibrant shadow over the gel,
following the same line, including
the wing.