Toner & Treatment Lotion

  • Micro Essence

    Skin Activating Treatment Lotion Fresh with Sakura Ferment

    What it is:
    A fresh, waterlight "essence in lotion," infused with Sakura Ferment, for smoother, more stabilized skin that looks vibrant, younger and healthier.
  • Micro Essence

    Treatment Lotion with Bio-Ferment

    What it is:
    A nourishing, next-generation essence lotion that helps boost skin's barrier, locks in moisture and optimizes skin's inherent strength and stability.
  • Soft Clean Infusion

    Hydrating Essence Lotion with Amino Acid + Waterlily

    A daily, hydrating essence lotion to help amplify skin's natural moisture reservoir.
  • Perfectly Clean Infusion

    Balancing Essence Lotion with Amino Acid + Waterlily

    A daily, balancing essence lotion to help boost hydration and refresh skin's oil/water balance.
  • Re-Nutriv

    Ultimate Lift Regenerating Youth Treatment Lotion

    What it is:
    A brightening, deeply hydrating treatment lotion, infused with Himalayan Gentian, that leaves skin feeling as soft as a petal-looking more even-toned.