Aerin Lauder’s stationery favorites.

Stationery Style

Memories and musings with Aerin Lauder,
Style and Image Director for Estée Lauder,
Founder and Creative Director of AERIN.

“I used to hate writing thank-you notes when I was younger. But now I think a handwritten note is such a wonderful way to express yourself. It shows that you took the time to say thank you after you’ve been given a gift, or been invited to a dinner. I also happen to love stationery. I like cards of all different sizes — with icons, like one with a small fern or monogrammed with my name, which I like to put a scratch through with my pen. I get my stationery from all over the place, like Smythson, John L. Strong and Printery in Oyster Bay, Long Island. I prefer writing my notes with only black, rather than blue, ink. It’s nice to collect notes you’ve received, too. I have a whole drawer of them! Sofia Coppola has really beautiful stationery — just a small S.C. It’s very subtle — and very cool.”

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